“Sorolla inland” triumphs in Malaga in its first month

The exhibition “Sorolla tierra adentro” Unicaja Foundation has received in its first month 10,000 visits since it opened last October 21. The institution opened the doors of its new Unicaja Foundation Cultural Center in Malaga with the premiere of works by Joaquin Sorolla in the city. Located in the central Plaza del Obispo has become a real claim for Malaga, but also for many of the tourists who walk through the streets of the city.

The collection “Sorolla tierra adentro” by the painter Joaquin Sorolla has 111 works by the Valencian artist.

An exhibition that connects realistic landscapes with lots of light with Mediterranean scenes and historic cities such as Granada, Seville or Toledo.

sorolla tierra adentro malaga museum

10,000 visitors during its first month

The exhibition was supported by more than 10,000 visitors during its first month of exhibition at the Unicaja Foundation Cultural Center in Malaga.

The sea, the beach and its landscapes, open their journey through the author’s native Valencia, where Sorolla shows a lot of light. In “Sorolla tierra adentro” the Valencian artist makes a masterful use of his light. A journey through the Spanish lands of Castile to the Cantabrian where he experiments with outdoor painting.

With “White Spain”, Sorolla discovers an Andalusia that he first flats in 1902. Here, Joaquín Sorolla sought the authenticity of the land, shaping the vineyards of Jerez de la Frontera, the gardens of Seville, and especially, in Granada.

Toledo and its Alcazar? Yes, with “Sorolla tierra adentro” you will be able to discover another of its great points of inspiration. The Valencian artist took as his inspiration many of Spain’s historic cities. He painted the walls of Ávila, the cathedral of Burgos or the castle of Medina del Campo.

Sorolla was undoubtedly a great Spanish painter who managed to show exhibitions in New York City in 1909. Thanks to this he achieved an unprecedented success, with works such as Sol de Tarde or Nadadores. He was also recognized at the Art Institute of Chicago.

Sorolla Malaga Museum

More at the Unicaja Foundation Cultural Centre in Malaga?

Yes, this space simultaneously hosts the work “Sorolla tierra adentro” the XIII Certamen Fundación Unicaja de Artes Plásticas.

This contest has 26 works with many different techniques and media. 8 of these works are already part of the institution and the other 18 works have been selected for the exhibition.

As you can see the Cultural Center Unicaja Foundation of Malaga is strongly committed to art and “Sorolla tierra adentro” is being a triumph for the city of Malaga.

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