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Wine Museum in Malaga

Wine Museum

Wine Museum in Malaga

A space that Malagueños and foreigners like very much. In the Malaga Wine Museum the history, culture, art and the way of making wines in Malaga coexist.

With an exhibition of more than 400 lithographs, an interpretation centre, tasting room, etc.

A collection whose aim is to disseminate the culture of wines with the “Malaga” and “Sierras de Malaga” designations of origin.

The Wine Museum in Malaga is located in the Palacio de Biedmas, in the Plaza de los Viñeros. An 18th century palace restored in 2008 coinciding with the 75th anniversary of the Regulating Council of the Malaga Designation of Origin.

On the first floor of the Wine Museum in Malaga you can find an extensive collection of wine labels and prints.

At the top, the visit continues with the vine, where you can learn about tools for cultivation.

The historical evolution of Malaga wine could not be missing in this space.

Undoubtedly a space for wine lovers where you can find the culture and heritage of Malaga.