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Thyssen Museum Malaga

Thyssen Museum Malaga

The Carmen Thyssen Malaga Museum is one of the most important exhibitions in Malaga, focusing mainly on 19th century Andalusian painting. Today, it is the most important exhibition of this Andalusian art in Spain.

The Thyssen Malaga Museum is located in the Villalon Palace, built in the 16th century.

The Thyssen collection in Malaga is available to the public from 2011. This space has four different routes available.

Thyssen in Malaga – Old Masters

This collection is located in the old chapel of the Palace houses works from the thirteenth to seventeenth century. Among its outstanding artists are Ezquerra or Zurbarán.

Thyssen in Malaga – Romantic Landscape and Customs

A collection to see the change in the way landscapes are shaped during romanticism. Recreations on various themes such as festivals, architecture, gypsies or bullfighting.

Thyssen in Malaga – Prices and naturalistic painting

In the middle of the 19th century there was a turning point in Spanish painting. Smaller paintings, but with more details focused on reality.

Thyssen in Malaga – End of century

It welcomes works of great artists with an international vision. Works by such important artists as Sorolla, Casas, Iturrino, etc.

As far as the building is concerned, the Villalon Palace in Malaga should be highlighted, where Roman remains have been found in its subsoil after the remodelling works.