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Russian Museum Malaga

Russian Museum Malaga

Russian Museum Collection

Malaga always betting on culture, has managed to have exclusive exhibitions in the city. The Russian State Museum was inaugurated in 1895 in St. Petersburg, and few countries have a museum of such magnitude focused exclusively on national production.

The first Western European headquarters of the Russian State Museum is established in Malaga as one of the great milestones in the city’s museum offer.

The Russian Museum of Malaga is located in the Tabacalera building, perhaps the best example of Malaga’s regionalist style. A building built in the 1920s and recently refurbished. It houses the Collection of the Russian Museum of St. Petersburg/Malaga in an equipped space that has become a reference of Russian culture in Europe.

The Collection of the Russian Museum in Malaga houses temporary and annual exhibitions, making it a living stage within the city. The aim is to maintain the spectator’s curiosity to learn more about Russian culture. Every six months it offers outstanding exhibitions dedicated to great Russian avant-garde artists such as Kandinsky, Chagall or Malévich.

Russian Virtual Museum Malaga

A space adapted to new technologies, the Russian Museum has a virtual museum that allows, among other things, to visit virtually the exhibitions of the Russian State Museum of St. Petersburg and study Russian art through electronic books.

There are also free audio guides in several languages so that the spectator can enjoy the explanations in Spanish, English, French and Russian.