Project Description

Principia Malaga. Science Center

Principia Malaga. Science Center

The Interactive Science Museum in Malaga. A living space that aims to be in continuous evolution for its attendees.  A visitor who will be able to enjoy all the branches of science (astronomy, electricity, mechanics, biology, chemistry, mathematics, etc.).

In the first space of Principia Malaga, the “Tomás Hormigo” room, more than 70 interactive modules of different scientific subjects are permanently exhibited.

The next room in Principia Malaga is called “Faraday”, a space for 100 people to enjoy and carry out experiments. A very fun area within this Interactive Science Museum.

You will discover the electromagnetism that will make your hair stand up, you will be able to inflate a balloon without removing the knot, etc.

Principia Malaga has a planetarium with a 5 metre dome where a complete celestial vault is recreated. You can move anywhere in the universe or see events that have not yet taken place. Each session of the Planetarium is directed by an expert who will help you to solve all your doubts.

In Principia you can enjoy your own astronomical observatory located on the upper terrace, where under a mobile dome you can make observations protected from the inclemency of the weather.

In addition, once a month a show is organized together with the Astronomical Group of Malaga “Sirio” and can be attended free of charge.