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Picasso Birthplace Museum

Picasso Foundation. Birthplace Museum

Picasso Birthplace Museum

The Picasso Birthplace Museum was born under the name of the Pablo Ruiz Picasso Foundation. The artist’s birthplace is located at 15 Plaza de la Merced in Malaga. A location that was declared Historical-Artistic Monument of National Interest on March 25, 1983.

At first the Picasso Birthplace Museum was limited to the first floor of the building, but the building underwent a rehabilitation. It was here that its first ten years of life and a few years of adulthood passed.

The influence of his hometown, however, was deep and persistent in his memories, in his personality and in his works.

Picasso Foundation – Room 1. 19th century

This room is a recreation of the main hall of Pablo Picasso‘s house. The rest of the room is dedicated to remember the workshop that José Ruiz had in his house.

Picasso Foundation – Room 2. Picasso’s parents

As an introduction to Picasso’s family environment, it shows the personal memories of José Ruiz Blasco and María Picasso López.

Picasso Foundation – Room 3. Picasso’s family

A sample of Picasso’s connection with his childhood, his family, his origins and his land.

Picasso Foundation – Room 4. Picasso’s Malaga

Through photographs, postcards and other elements, Picasso’s childhood in Malaga is reflected.

Picasso Foundation – Room 5. Picasso and Spain

Picasso‘s origins are shown throughout his life and in his artistic work. His condition as a southern Spaniard also decisively permeates his writings, loaded with images and sensations of his childhood in Malaga.