Project Description

Museum of the Music of Malaga

Museum of the Music of Malaga

MIMMA Malaga

An Interactive Music Museum in Malaga that generates experiences for its visitors. Located in the Palacio del Conde de Navas, an 18th century building, in the heart of the historic centre of the city of Malaga.

The MIMMA Malaga collection has an important number of musical instruments from all over the world and from all periods. Many of these instruments can be played. A space designed for all types of public.

Few museums are as fun and entertaining as the Malaga Music Museum, when you enter the museum you will find posters with messages like “please play”.

A total of almost 1000 pieces, of which 400 are in permanent exhibition. One of the most important collections in Europe compiled by Miguel Ángel Piédrola Orta.

The MIMMA is very interactive and in each space you will be able to find multimedia resources. A place that tries to create an enveloping experience for the visitor, stimulating his senses through the instruments and their music.

Above all, it is a cultural space where the world of music is disseminated. Many activities are organized to keep MIMMA alive. Thus, it hosts concerts, screenings, musical sessions, etc.

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