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Museum of the Captive and the Trinity

Museum of the Captive and the Trinity

Malaga Captive

The Malaga Captive Museum is located in the Trinidad neighbourhood, in the Plaza de Bailén. A space that has six rooms spread over more than 300 square meters designed for lovers of the world brotherhood and Easter.

Malaga Captive – The Promise

The first room of the Malaga Captive Museum is called “La Promesa” (The Promise), this place has as its main piece the old image of the Virgin of the Trinity of Malaga, replaced in the late 60s by the work of Francisco Buiza.

Malaga Captive – Trinitas

A room dedicated to the Trinity of Malaga, in it are paintings and cloths of great artistic value. You will also be able to see some skirts with which the Virgin dresses when she is in procession.

Malaga Captive – The Lord of Malaga

In this room you can find the trousseau of Christ and other elements, highlighting the powers of gold. In this space of the Museum of the Captive and the Trinity the tunics or scapulars that the Christ has worn are conserved.

Malaga Captive – Canonical Coronation

A room where the celebrations are explained and the patrimonial and documentary importance for the city. Here you can contemplate the impressive crown of the Virgin or the golden book of the coronation.

Malaga Captive – 75th Anniversary

A room reserved for the history of the brotherhood, the 75th anniversary was celebrated in 2009.