Project Description

Popular Art Museum

Museum of Popular Arts and Customs

Popular Art Museum

A fun and enjoyable journey through the history of Malaga and its province. This space is thought for the enjoyment of its assistants. Located in an old inn from the 17th century, you can enjoy carriages for transporting animals, forging, baking, fishing, oil or wine. Also we can find the folkloric culture or the rural world.

In the Museum of Popular Art of Malaga we can find two floors with 19 rooms.

After crossing the entrance courtyard we find the first room or “Cuadra“, in this space we will be able to find the mentioned carriages and complements for animals.

In the “Forge” we will understand the work done with blacksmiths as grills or street lamps. The third room refers to “La Tahona“, here you can discover the crafts of bread, while in “La Pesca” you can see the large fishing industries of Malaga. The rest of the rooms will be discovering an endless number of traditions and ways of doing things in Malaga and its province.

Undoubtedly, there are many exhibitions that you can find in this Museum of Popular Art. Located in the center of Malaga, specifically in the old inn of Victoria. This space was bought in 1974 and inaugurated in 1976.