Project Description

Museum of Imagination

Museum of Imagination

The Malaga Imagination Museum

“We are all children, but with the rhythm of modern life, we often forget that”, with this motto we find one of the most diverse museums in the city of Malaga. A space to enjoy accompanied and where to feel like a small child.

The Malaga Imagination Museum is a place where the spectator becomes a participant. A space that perfectly combines the educational part with the fun part. There are many spectators who have achieved in the city of Malaga this Museum of Imagination and is liked by young and old.

A space of 450m2, divided into 3 parts:

Scientific room of the Imagination Museum of Malaga:

The first place the visitor finds when entering, objects invented and discovered by different scientists. Optical effects, creation of 3D images, inversion of reality, special mirrors, drawings with perspective and many objects that will make the imagination and curiosity of the visitor fly.

Shadows and light effects room at the Imagination Museum in Malaga:

A game through the spectator’s own shadow in different colours as never before seen.

Fun and photography room at the Malaga Imagination Museum:

A space subdivided into several parts. You will be surprised by the collection of 3D images in the form of murals where the spectator can be part of them. You can cut the body in half, appear on the ceiling of a room, become small or giant.

Undoubtedly one of the most attractive museums especially for children in the city of Malaga.