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Museum of Flamenco Art. Juan Breva Club

Museum of Flamenco Art. Juan Breva Club

Flamenco in Malaga

An incessant activity for more than 50 years is the result of the Museum of Flamenco Art of the Peña Juan Breva in Malaga.

A museum with two floors dedicated to flamenco in Malaga. The collection of this space has more than 5000 pieces, including a collection of more than 2,500 records. This collection of records is one of the most important in Spain with some copies of the nineteenth century.

Speaking of flamenco in Malaga, you can see a collection of more than 20 guitars, some of them more than two centuries old. You can see posters, Manila shawls, tail coats and works dating from the 19th and 20th centuries.

The first part of the Peña Juan Breva museum is dedicated to the collections. You will be able to find paintings, paintings and oil paintings that depict the lives of flamenco artists, characters or spaces. Terracotta figures are graphic examples of the dancers, their costumes and accessories.

Following the same line of flamenco in Malaga, the barros from Malaga in the 50’s and 60’s represent flamenco playing with cantaores, bailaores etc. Without forgetting the presence of the Chinitas café in the city, of which a silk leaflet is preserved.

The second floor of the museum is the Documentation and Research Center of the museum. The ground or main floor has a bar where you can enjoy the good gastronomy of Malaga.

The basement is still at full capacity and the flamenco activities of the Peña Juan Breva are being held.