Project Description

Municipal Heritage Museum (MUPAM)

Municipal Heritage Museum (MUPAM)

A museum that permanently exhibits a selection of Municipal Heritage funds of historical-artistic character. The Malaga Municipal Heritage Museum dates back to the last third of the 19th century, when the Malaga City Council took the decision to create a Municipal Museum to accommodate the paintings it had been buying.

The collection available from the Municipal Heritage Museum has 4,000 pieces available, including sculptures, paintings and graphic works.

A tour, which begins in the hall of the museum. Room I of the MUPAM is dedicated to the period between the 15th and 18th centuries since Malaga was incorporated into the kingdom of Aragonese Castilian. There is also a section dedicated to Baroque celebrations.

Room II of the MUPAM is centred on the 19th century, and shows a recreation of the first municipal museum of the Town Hall of Malaga. Here you can enjoy, in addition to the artist’s specific museums, the origins of Picasso, the section “Masters of the nineteenth century”, etc..

Finally, Room III of the MUPAM is dedicated to the 20th century, especially to those artists who had a relationship with the city of Malaga.

The Municipal Heritage Museum of Malaga is the work of Federico Orellana and was inaugurated in 1999 and converted into MUPAM in 2007.