Project Description

Malaga Contemporary Art Centre

Malaga Contemporary Art Centre

CAC Malaga

Located next to the old Wholesale Market of Malaga, a historic building of the city. The CAC Malaga is dedicated to the dissemination and reflection of contemporary art.

A lively and dynamic centre, with an innovative character and open to all kinds of artistic proposals.

The permanent collection of the CAC Malaga is in constant evolution, in addition to its acquisitions by the Town Hall of Malaga, owner of the museum, there are many works on loan from collectors that can be enjoyed in the Contemporary Art Centre of Malaga.

This space also has numerous temporary exhibitions in Malaga, as well as concerts, book presentations, workshops and talks on different subjects.

The CAC in Malaga offers a journey through the artistic movements and trends of the 20th century, especially from the 1950s to the present day. Works by Thomas Hirschhorn, Damian Hirst or Julian Opie can be enjoyed in the museum.

As we have already pointed out, the old Wholesale Market is a historic building built in 1939, designed by Luis Gutiérrez de Soto, author of the Madrid airport in 1930. In 1983 its use as a market was abandoned and later its use as a museum was proposed.