Project Description

Jorge Rando Museum

Jorge Rando Museum

Jorge Rando

A space dedicated by the Malaga City Council to the painter, giving him the name of the artist and being the only expressionist museum in Spain. The Jorge Rando Museum‘s main mission is to disseminate and research the work of the painter, and the expressionist and neoexpressionist movement.

The route of this space is a pictorial stroll with a permanent exhibition in continuous advance, the richness of the thematic cycles of Jorge Rando by Africa, Prostitution, Passion, Painted, Landscapes, Maternity, among other themes, take turns to accompany the temporary exhibitions that the Museum Jorge Rando offers of the national and international artists linked to this artistic current.

The “Sala de Estar del Arte” with personalized guided tours for the attendees, with music that breaks the harmony, with lights and shadows, a theater of scripts that speak of fear and anguish, colloquiums without stage, literary talks and an open Atelier of easels and blank canvases for the artists to have a studio.

The Jorge Rando Museum is the first and only museum to open its workshops throughout the day so that artists can paint inside the museum’s facilities and enjoy art actively. This Atelier is also open to visitors.

Museum Jorge Rando, every Saturday at 12 noon, celebrates the “Hora del Mercado”, “Hora de la Música”, where concerts and open rehearsals are held.

This space conceives access to art and culture as a citizen’s right and this is the reason why the museum is all free.