Project Description

Museum of the Holy Week Malaga

Holy Week Museum

Museum of the Holy Week Malaga

The Museum of Holy Week and Museum of the Brotherhoods of Malaga is located in the old Hospital de San Julian, a building from the late seventeenth century.

Thought as a thematic, historical and patrimonial space. It is divided into 7 rooms that offer visitors an interesting tour of the history and evolution of Holy Week in Malaga.

The collection of the Malaga Easter Museum was inaugurated in 2010, conceived as a didactic space. This exhibition has more than 150 exhibited pieces. It contains six different thematic blocks.

Holy Week Museum – Church of San Julian

Here you will find the history of the building and others used for Christian charity.

Museum of the Holy Week – History of the Brotherhoods

A tour of the Malaga Brotherhoods divided into two periods.

Museum of the Holy Week – The processional image

You will discover aspects related to the processional images such as that of the imager, the person in charge of making the carvings.

Museum of the Holy Week – The official image of Holy Week in Malaga

An exhibition on the posters of the city’s Holy Week

Museum of the Holy Week – The trousseau of images

A space dedicated to the embroidery and goldsmithing of the images that come out in procession.

Museum of the Holy Week – The procession

Here you can see the structure of a procession.