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Gerald Brenan House

Gerald Brenan

Gerald Brenan House

Gerald Brenan was a British writer who lived in Spain from 1919 until his death in 1987.

He is considered one of the leading Hispanists of the 20th century.  The Gerald Brenan House is the cultural meeting point that aims to encourage relations between Anglo-Saxon and Spanish artists.

In the House of Gerald Brenan we can find a room recreating his environment and his life in Malaga, in which books and photos of the British writer stand out.

In the multipurpose room, you can see a small stage and a reference library.

Gerald Brenan arrived in Malaga in 1935 settling in a house in the district of Churriana with his wife. As a consequence of the battle of “La Desbandá” he wrote one of his most famous works, “El laberinto español” (The Spanish Labyrinth).

There are many activities that are carried out in this space, such as the contest of micro stories, organized by “Friends of the House Gerald Brenan“.

This space has been open since 2014.