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Centre Pompidou Malaga

Centre Pompidou Malaga

Pompidou Malaga

The Centre Pompidou Malaga opens to the public in March 2015, and since then it has become one of the most important museums in the city thanks to its exhibitions in Malaga.

It is the first headquarters of the Centre Pompidou outside France, and there we can find a journey through the art of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries with selected works from the great French center.

A centre that has life since it is being renovated with its temporary art exhibitions in Malaga. The experience is lived through multidisciplinary programmes dedicated to dance, representation, words and cinema. A space aimed above all at young audiences.

It was inaugurated with the semi-permanent exhibition The Collection where, through 5 sets of paintings, sculptures, installations, etc. entitled “Metamorphosis,” “Self-portraits,” “The man without a face,” “The political body,” and “The body in pieces,” the richness and changes of the XX-XXI century were captured. All these works come from the French Centre Pompidou.

Among the temporary exhibitions in Malaga of the Centre Pompidou, the one of Modern Utopias stands out, making a work through the great utopias of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries.

This space has a very varied agenda with very different themes such as: arts, cinema, music, mediation, words or a part in family.

Thus, the Cube hosts the Centre Pompidou Malaga, becoming the most lively artistic space in the city. A platform for exchanges between society and contemporary creation.

Many visitors come to Malaga for tourism and pass through its facilities to enjoy modern art.