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Archaeological Sites of “La Araña”

Archaeological Sites of “La Araña”

La Araña Cave

Situated in the eastern sector of Malaga Bay, between Candado hill and Totalan stream, La Araña Archaeological Sites have one of the highest concentrations of Upper Pleistocene archaeological sites on the Andalusian coast.

La Araña Cave can be presumed to be one of the few archaeological sites in Spain with a human presence from half a million years ago to contemporary times. It has been calculated that they could reach a height of between 1.65 and 1.80 meters of strong complexion. There are also remains of panthers, bears, lions and the uro, an ancestor of the largest brave bull. As a curious fact, among the objects you can see flint knives and even food remains from the bay of Malaga such as mussels.

This complex has more than thirty caves, which so far has resulted in more than 100,000 archaeological pieces.

In the Interpretation Centre Cuevas de La Araña you can enjoy a multitude of research activities, visits, maintenance, etc. This space is open to the public.

To visit the archaeological sites of La Araña in Malaga is necessary to make an appointment.