Project Description

Alcazaba Archaeological Exhibition Hall

Alcazaba Archaeological Exhibition Hall

Alcazaba Malaga

An educational tour with a permanent exhibition on “Techniques and use of ceramics in Muslim Malaga, 11th-14th centuries“. Do you want to learn about the culture of the city of Malaga? Here you can discover an educational tour about ceramics and the work of archaeologists when they collect it.

In the halls of the Nazarí Palace you will be able to see the meaning of the objects found, their parts, varieties and functions. An exhibition that surprises by the amount of objects that are still preserved today in the Hall of Archaeological Exhibitions of the Alcazaba of Malaga.

The Alcazaba Malaga exhibition presents a unique place for the city to see the significance of the Muslim era in the capital and its survival today.

You will be able to discover what an Arabic pottery looked like and where those in the city were found, for example.

The Alcazaba Malaga is still alive, which is why it hosts numerous temporary exhibitions related to ceramics. The city exported such ceramics as golden earthenware, characteristic of the Nasrid kingdom of Granada.

Thanks to its strategic area and its port, it became a great production point.

The Alcazaba was mostly built in the 11th century, and is one of the most important monuments in Malaga along with the Roman Theatre and the Cathedral.