Project Description

Alborania Museum

Alborania Museum

Alborania Museum. Classroom of the sea

You want to know what’s hiding on the Alboran seabed? This is the perfect space for it.

The Alborania Museum allows you to enjoy an interactive experience to discover the marine fauna and flora of Alboran. You can learn about the history of Malaga through water, fishing, sailing and Andalusian culture.

The collection of the Alborania Museum participates in the conservation of coastal spaces and marine species. It is common to find species in recovery in its facilities, such as the loggerhead turtle. This part is the most popular with visitors as the turtles are visible.

A very lively space as in the Alborania Museum – Classroom of the Sea you can touch whale bones, look through the microscope at marine organisms or play in a boat simulator.

It also organizes activities with coastal itineraries, walks through the town, visits to beaches and cliffs, and so on. A museum in Malaga that organises workshops where you can discover the Mediterranean Sea full of biodiversity.

Classroom of the Sea in Malaga is committed to education and participation in the conservation of natural resources, for this each year presents a completely new educational program, thus attracting many of its visitors.

The Alborania Museum is located in a modern building in the Port of Malaga.