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Aeronautical Museum Malaga

Aeronautical Museum Malaga

“Airplanes are not only seen, they are touched”, this is the motto of this museum. A space that has 3000 m2 of exhibition and more than 4000 m2 of outdoor exhibition.

The Malaga Aeronautical Museum‘s collection comes from airports all over Spain, among which 9 historic aircraft stand out. The museum shows pieces related to aviation from its beginnings in the 1920s to the present day.

Would you like to see what a control tower from the 1940s looked like? They have it! You can also see historical aviation advertising, access to the inside of a DC9 cabin, and everything you can imagine.

In Malaga’s Aeronautical Museum you can enjoy the first plane that brought tourists to the city, the Convair 440.

This museum has an engine room, “Propulsion in all its forms”, and another interactive room where you can learn about the history of Malaga’s airplanes.

This space in the city of Malaga is made possible thanks to the donations it receives and the help of volunteers known as Friends of the Museum.

Another highlight of this space is its location, the Aeronautical Museum is located in the former passenger terminal of Malaga airport in 1948. Before becoming a museum, it was used as an aeroclub.

It is not a very well known place but if you visit Malaga with children it is undoubtedly a place worth discovering.