Museum of Imagination Malaga

Today we want to tell you about all the peculiarities of the Malaga Imagination Museum. A space created to dream.

We owe this space to two Ukrainians eager to offer something different in our capital. Ana and Slava have achieved a space very different from the other museums that house the city of Malaga.

The Museum of Imagination in Malaga

First it was Barcelona, a museum located for the delight of those who like to discover new things. Later the capital of Spain, Madrid, hosted the second museum of imagination and, as could not be otherwise, Malaga is the third city that houses a Museum of Imagination.

Optical effects, 3D images or dinosaurs on the walls are some of the things that await you within this peculiar space in the city of Malaga.

The list of museums in Malaga is very extensive, in fact you already know that the capital is known as the City of Museums, specifically has 40 spaces dedicated to art and culture of the country, housing some of the most important of Spanish geography.

museo imaginacion malaga

The Museum of Illusion Málaga

Although the museum of the Illusion of Malaga is not its official name, in recent times it has also been known this way and it is that this picturesque space has managed to make a niche for itself among the most popular and different places in the capital.

A totally different space where a museum of optical illusions predominates. Do you want to have fun photos? The Museum of Imagination in Malaga is the perfect place to get them.

Take your camera with you and get real works of art, you can photograph yourself floating, suddenly coming out of a sofa or walking on the roof of a room.

A space that has three very different rooms.

The first room is scientific, so you can experiment with different discoveries.

The second room is full of light and shadow effects.

The third and last is the fun and photography room.

You can discover them all here!

museo ilusion malaga


The Museum of Imagination Málaga price

The price to enter the Imagination Museum of Malaga varies according to the following aspects:

Price Málaga Imagination Museum:

10€ general admission from 15 to 65 years old.
5 € Children from 7 to 14 years old, people with disabilities, unemployed and over 65 years old.
Free: Children under 7 years old, journalists and guides with accreditation.
Location Málaga Imagination Museum.

As could not be otherwise, this museum of optical illusions is located in the heart of Soho.

Remember again that it is important to bring a camera! Are you visiting the city? Discover what to see in Malaga in two days!