CAC Malaga reopens its doors with Eleuthera, the latest series by Irish artist Sean Scully

The Contemporary Art Centre (CAC) in the capital reopens its doors with Eleuthera, the series created by Irish artist Sean Scully. Composed of more than 40 works including paintings, photographs and drawings, it questions the concepts of figuration and abstraction as well as the importance of fatherhood.

From now until 19 January 2020 this exhibition can be visited in the art centre which reopens after closing at the end of July.

Sean Scully’s works are intended to make the viewer reflect on freedom in the creation of everyday images and the important role of fatherhood.

This role in fatherhood fills him with the child portrait of his son Oisin.

Sean Scully


The title of this exhibition, Eleuthera, comes from the Greek word in its feminine form “Eleutheros” which means freedom and also gives its name to one of the islands of the Bahamas archipelago.

This work is a contemporary interpretation of the portrait of a child in figurative mode and painting. He began with photographs of his son and his wife on the beach, as he reviews them in his terminal he reflects on emotions.

Eleuthera is made up of 6 series of photographs, 9 marker drawings and 22 paintings and triptych are made on aluminium.

Scully’s works are characterised by their great colour and the use of geometric shapes. In the beginning his approach was figurative, although he soon opted for abstraction and the art of geometry. Thanks to the influence of minimalism, his flat and geometric compositions in dark tones would later evolve into more flowing lines with more vivid colours.

Sean Scully has had solo exhibitions at the Rowan Gallery in London and at the Duffy-Gibbs Gallery in New York, among many other countries such as Ireland, Mexico and Pennsylvania.

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